Snack boxes: Snackly vs Graze


Snack boxes. Monthly boxes in general. 2014 was definitely the year in which monthly ‘treat’ boxes emerged as a force to be reckoned with. In the modern age where bank statements and mobile phone bills are scarcely even posted out we seem to be seeing a revival of posted goods. Do we long to fill the void left by love letters of old?

 Companies like Brichbox, Grazebox, the box, my little box, pink box, everyone- and -your -granny’s -got- a box began promoting their goods on social media all promising the same- high value goods at a surprisingly low monthly subscription rate. But are they worth the hype?

Today I will be reviewing and comparing two of the ‘snack’ style boxes and assessing whether they really deliver quality goods straight through your door…

Graze Box

By far the most renowned posted snack company. Subscription of £4 will get you 4 snacks in a well presented and personalised box.


Pizza sticks,

Cheese sticks,

Summer berry flapjacks,

Pretzels and sticks.

The good

At £1 per treat these boxes are budget friendly and Graze regularly run ‘free box’ promotions. As you can see, they are very colourfully presented with a guide containing the nutritional values of the snacks. All snacks are tasty and the online selector ensures that you do not get any unwanted items in your box. The personalisation is a nice touch, albeit done on a laser printer.

The bad

As my fiancé has been having these delivered for several months now, I have been disappointed with the lack of variety Graze have provided. As can be seen from the photograph, 3/4 of the box comprises of pretzel/stick type snacks. There is a notable lack of any chocolate goods. All in all i failed to get excited about the contents of this particular box. Others have been far superior!

3/5- consistency Graze… Keep me excited!!!


A company that is still in it’s infancy but making waves on social media. What sets this box apart from Graze, is that they offer gluten and dairy free goods where Graze do not yet accommodate such dietary requirements. As a recently diagnosed ‘gluten intolerant’ – but not coeliac- person, I was keen to purchase a box in order to expand my snacking horizons…


Eat chic peanut butter and sea salt cup,

Urban fruit mango,

Cocoa Libre milk chocolate

Mr Filbert’s sea salt & herb mixed nuts,

Sea Salt Kent crisps,

Honey Rose triple chocolate cookie,

Honey rose  line & coconut macaroon.

The good-

Woah! Right away the quantity of goods on offer is vast and far superior to Graze. They come boxed and tissue papered with a hand written card- a very personal touch! At £7.45 (had a 50p off coupon) this box is more costly than graze but in my opinion worth the extra money. Products were all sources from reputable brands and were… Exciting!!! P.s the peanut butter cup was the thing of dreams!!!

The bad

I guess some people would argue that £7.95 makes Snackly one of the more costly options, yet I would disagree with that as you most definitely get a wider range and variety of products. I guess it all depends on whether you could afford the extra monthly cost. I am going to stick with my subscription to Snackly as I feel they provide an excellent service! I can only hope that they will continue to deliver products that excite! 

5/5- personalised and excellent niche service. Keep up the product variety!!!




Next month I am going to compare beauty boxes, so stay tuned!

Paulzie 💖

Paolo Nutini… My weekend of music and munchies. 

Other than make up and girlie products, my other great loves in life are music and food! 😊

I had a particularly good weekend last week because I combined going to see one of my favourite musicians- Paolo Nutini- with lots of eating in new places with my favourite people!

My birthday was back in September and, knowing how much I love Paolo’s music, both my mum and cousin got me tickets to go and see him at the Hydro in Glasgow. Both tickets were for the same night but luckily I managed to do a swap so that I could attend two nights in a row! I wasn’t bothered by this at all, it would have been the 6th and 7th time I’ve gone to see him anyway! The gig had been rescheduled as he had tonsillitis back in October when he was set to perform and had to cancel. 

So the weekend started on Friday when me and my mum went to the Hard Rock Cafe for some pre Paolo dinner! 

It was my first time in the Glasgow Hard Rock although I have been to several in other citys such as Warsaw, New York, London, Paris, Barcelona, Sharm el Sheik and New York. 

First off my mum and I ordered some cocktails: a French martini for her and an electric blue for me-

We both ordered the Legendary burger but I stuck to the ‘normal’ version while my mum opted for the ‘Scottish Twist’ – Aberdeen Angus beef, haggis, Campbeltown cheese and turnips and an Irn Bru mayo. I was more than happy to stick to just burger, cheese, bacon and onion ring, however, I did ask for some Irn Bru may  just out if sheer curiosity!p.s it was weird! 

It was delicious! We even got an added bonus when a drink order was held up and management decided not to charge us for any of our cocktails. We hadn’t even complained so it was an added bonus. All in the bill was £30 where it should have been £75 😄!

Then it was on to Paolo!

My mum isn’t great with crowds and small spaces, so I was a bit worried when she told me we had standing tickets. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always one to get right to the front at a gig but I didn’t know how my mum would be! In the end she was absolutely fine and we got pretty close to the stage!

Paolo was amazing! Every song was sing with absolute conviction and the crowd hung on to his every chord! I couldn’t wait to go and see him the following evening! Although he really needed a haircut! 😋

The next night I went with my aunt, cousin and a school friend. We met in her house for a few drinks before heading to the Hydro which by the way is an awesome venue! It it built upwards so you never feel too far away from the stage and the lighting is phenomenal! 

We were sitting quite high up but the atmosphere was brilliant once again! At some points the whole arena erupted into song and at others we were simply mesmerised by the talent on the stage and….. Paolo had had a haircut 😉!

Anyway, I also managed to squeeze in a dinner in an Italian restaurant with my fiancé and a Sunday pub dinner with my friends this weekend! Safe to say the diet starts today! 😄

What kind if music do you guys like? 

Do you have any concerts lined up for this year? 

Paulzie 💖

Naked eye palette 

Hi guys,

I have been using the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette for a few weeks now and thought id share a look with you! 

I am going out for a casual dinner with some friends this evening, so I didn’t want too heavy a look. On my face I used a teeny bit of under eye concealer and a bit of blush so I thought that I could make my eyes stand out a bit.

Firstly I lined my eyes using a benefit ‘bad gal’ pencil. 

Then I used a mac paint pot-‘groundwork’- as a base, rubbing just to the crease of my eyes. 

I then applied ‘half baked’ from my naked palette up to the crease of my eye. Using a more structured, wet brush I applied ‘creep’ to the outer corners of my eyes to create a smoky look. Using a wet brush really makes the pigment stand out! I finished with a sweeping of ‘Virgin’ under my brow. 

Finally I applied benefit ‘magic ink’ liquid eyeliner in ‘jet black’ and applied a coat of ‘they’re real’ mascara.

I find all of these products to be excellent and fairly easy to use. I have never been very good at eye make up but have been making a conscious effort to improve! 

Please let me know what you think…

Paulzie 💖

Clarisonic Skincare

Hi guys! 

So my New Years resolution was to start taking care of my skin! I’m lucky that my skin is fairly good- not too many wrinkles or breakouts- but I’m getting to that age (25) where you stop taking dewy skin for granted!! That’s why, after hearing about it from my cousin, I decided to invest in a Clarisonic Mia 2. I had looked at a similar product by Clinique but she convinced me that the Clarisonic was the best on the market. 

At RRP £125 the price tag is pretty steep, so I decided to have a look on ebay in the hope of saving a few £££. I was delighted to see an international seller from Canada was selling a lovely pink Clarisonic. I stuck in a bid and waited… A few hours later my phone pinged- I had won the product for £60! Even when I added on the international shipping and a continental adapter (£10) I had still saved a small fortune! 

The product arrived today and I was very pleasantly surprised as I expected the delivery time to be far longer. I couldn’t wait to try out the product! My Fiancé Chris stared at the vibrating brush in disbelief, unable to hide the scepticism from his face. I remained optimistic!

First I removed my eye makeup and bathed my skin in warm water. Then I placed the brush in warm water and added a dollop of the “Refreshing Gel Cleanser” and began circulating the brush around my skin. I started with my cheek area and moved up to my forehead. 

I was amazed at how instantly my skin looked and felt rejuvenated. It was so soft to the touch and radiant. Even Chris- surprised- commented on the noticeable improvement after a matter of minutes. 

Only time will tell if this us the revolutionary product that people claim it is but for now I am very impressed with this product!

Hope that you found this information useful! I have included a bare faced (eeeek) picture just to prove how good my skin (unedited) looked after minutes of using the Clarisonic. What do you think? Have any of you used this product? 

Paulzie 💖

Back to reality

So yesterday I went back to work after an amazing Christmas break and-although I am glad to have some normality back in my day- I am suffering from serious holiday withdrawals! 

Christmas has always been my favourite holiday but this year it was extra special for a few reasons. Firstly, it was my first Christmas in my flat. I had so much fun picking a tree and getting lots of decorations for it. What do you think?

Another reason why I was so excited for the Christmas break was because I had planned a Christmas movie night with my school pals. We made these cute melting snowman cookies and watched Home Alone 1 and Love Actually. What are your favourite Christmas films?

Finally, on Christmas morning my boyfriend of around 3 years proposed to me with a gorgeous diamond ring. I was so shocked but delighted! Did you have any surprises on Christmas morning? 

I got loads of new make up- some of which I will review on here soon. Also, I was gifted two selfie sticks… Don’t know if that is a hint that I take too many 😄😄! 

Paulzie 💖

Teeth whitening

Hi there!

I’ve decided to start a lifestyle/ beauty blog and have decided to start with one of my more recent beauty discoveries… Here goes…

I have alwaaaays been self conscious about my teeth! For years my mum nagged at me for not spending long enough brushing them despite the fact that I religiously scrubbed them with a top-of-the-range electric toothbrush! To my horror she even confronted my dentist about the yellowish appearance of my gnashers. Despite his assurance that the first few layers of teeth were not naturally white and that my teeth were perfectly healthy, teenage me cringed with embarrassment!! I stopped showing my teeth in pictures favouring the ‘duckface’- anything to detract attention from my sweetcorn resembling teeth! 

Teeth whitening laser treatments gained notoriety but I feared the lasting damage that such treatments may cause, and the hefty price tag. I had almost accepted that my teeth were never going to be the pearly whites I had always desired. 

Then I heard a friend talking about teeth whitening strips. I thought that there was no way her perfect, gleaming teeth could be attributed to such a product, but decided that there was no harm in ordering some strips from amazon. 

The results were amazing!! After just a few treatments my teeth were exactly the teeth I had always dreamed of having! Suddenly a new smile was born! Family and friends- especially my mum- commented on how amazing my teeth looked! 

The duckface was gone!

I am currently using ‘crystal smile’ which cost £12.99 for a 30 pack on amazon. My dentist has confirmed that they are 100% safe to use! I have in the past used ‘Crest’ strips, but they are more costly and seem to make my teeth sensitive a few hours after treatment. 


I hope that you enjoyed this post and I encourage everyone to try this product if you are unhappy with the colour or your teeth!

Paulzie 💖