Back to reality

So yesterday I went back to work after an amazing Christmas break and-although I am glad to have some normality back in my day- I am suffering from serious holiday withdrawals! 

Christmas has always been my favourite holiday but this year it was extra special for a few reasons. Firstly, it was my first Christmas in my flat. I had so much fun picking a tree and getting lots of decorations for it. What do you think?

Another reason why I was so excited for the Christmas break was because I had planned a Christmas movie night with my school pals. We made these cute melting snowman cookies and watched Home Alone 1 and Love Actually. What are your favourite Christmas films?

Finally, on Christmas morning my boyfriend of around 3 years proposed to me with a gorgeous diamond ring. I was so shocked but delighted! Did you have any surprises on Christmas morning? 

I got loads of new make up- some of which I will review on here soon. Also, I was gifted two selfie sticks… Don’t know if that is a hint that I take too many 😄😄! 

Paulzie 💖


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