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Paolo Nutini… My weekend of music and munchies. 

Other than make up and girlie products, my other great loves in life are music and food! 😊

I had a particularly good weekend last week because I combined going to see one of my favourite musicians- Paolo Nutini- with lots of eating in new places with my favourite people!

My birthday was back in September and, knowing how much I love Paolo’s music, both my mum and cousin got me tickets to go and see him at the Hydro in Glasgow. Both tickets were for the same night but luckily I managed to do a swap so that I could attend two nights in a row! I wasn’t bothered by this at all, it would have been the 6th and 7th time I’ve gone to see him anyway! The gig had been rescheduled as he had tonsillitis back in October when he was set to perform and had to cancel. 

So the weekend started on Friday when me and my mum went to the Hard Rock Cafe for some pre Paolo dinner! 

It was my first time in the Glasgow Hard Rock although I have been to several in other citys such as Warsaw, New York, London, Paris, Barcelona, Sharm el Sheik and New York. 

First off my mum and I ordered some cocktails: a French martini for her and an electric blue for me-

We both ordered the Legendary burger but I stuck to the ‘normal’ version while my mum opted for the ‘Scottish Twist’ – Aberdeen Angus beef, haggis, Campbeltown cheese and turnips and an Irn Bru mayo. I was more than happy to stick to just burger, cheese, bacon and onion ring, however, I did ask for some Irn Bru may  just out if sheer curiosity!p.s it was weird! 

It was delicious! We even got an added bonus when a drink order was held up and management decided not to charge us for any of our cocktails. We hadn’t even complained so it was an added bonus. All in the bill was £30 where it should have been £75 😄!

Then it was on to Paolo!

My mum isn’t great with crowds and small spaces, so I was a bit worried when she told me we had standing tickets. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always one to get right to the front at a gig but I didn’t know how my mum would be! In the end she was absolutely fine and we got pretty close to the stage!

Paolo was amazing! Every song was sing with absolute conviction and the crowd hung on to his every chord! I couldn’t wait to go and see him the following evening! Although he really needed a haircut! 😋

The next night I went with my aunt, cousin and a school friend. We met in her house for a few drinks before heading to the Hydro which by the way is an awesome venue! It it built upwards so you never feel too far away from the stage and the lighting is phenomenal! 

We were sitting quite high up but the atmosphere was brilliant once again! At some points the whole arena erupted into song and at others we were simply mesmerised by the talent on the stage and….. Paolo had had a haircut 😉!

Anyway, I also managed to squeeze in a dinner in an Italian restaurant with my fiancé and a Sunday pub dinner with my friends this weekend! Safe to say the diet starts today! 😄

What kind if music do you guys like? 

Do you have any concerts lined up for this year? 

Paulzie 💖