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Clarisonic Skincare

Hi guys! 

So my New Years resolution was to start taking care of my skin! I’m lucky that my skin is fairly good- not too many wrinkles or breakouts- but I’m getting to that age (25) where you stop taking dewy skin for granted!! That’s why, after hearing about it from my cousin, I decided to invest in a Clarisonic Mia 2. I had looked at a similar product by Clinique but she convinced me that the Clarisonic was the best on the market. 

At RRP £125 the price tag is pretty steep, so I decided to have a look on ebay in the hope of saving a few £££. I was delighted to see an international seller from Canada was selling a lovely pink Clarisonic. I stuck in a bid and waited… A few hours later my phone pinged- I had won the product for £60! Even when I added on the international shipping and a continental adapter (£10) I had still saved a small fortune! 

The product arrived today and I was very pleasantly surprised as I expected the delivery time to be far longer. I couldn’t wait to try out the product! My Fiancé Chris stared at the vibrating brush in disbelief, unable to hide the scepticism from his face. I remained optimistic!

First I removed my eye makeup and bathed my skin in warm water. Then I placed the brush in warm water and added a dollop of the “Refreshing Gel Cleanser” and began circulating the brush around my skin. I started with my cheek area and moved up to my forehead. 

I was amazed at how instantly my skin looked and felt rejuvenated. It was so soft to the touch and radiant. Even Chris- surprised- commented on the noticeable improvement after a matter of minutes. 

Only time will tell if this us the revolutionary product that people claim it is but for now I am very impressed with this product!

Hope that you found this information useful! I have included a bare faced (eeeek) picture just to prove how good my skin (unedited) looked after minutes of using the Clarisonic. What do you think? Have any of you used this product? 

Paulzie 💖