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Teeth whitening

Hi there!

I’ve decided to start a lifestyle/ beauty blog and have decided to start with one of my more recent beauty discoveries… Here goes…

I have alwaaaays been self conscious about my teeth! For years my mum nagged at me for not spending long enough brushing them despite the fact that I religiously scrubbed them with a top-of-the-range electric toothbrush! To my horror she even confronted my dentist about the yellowish appearance of my gnashers. Despite his assurance that the first few layers of teeth were not naturally white and that my teeth were perfectly healthy, teenage me cringed with embarrassment!! I stopped showing my teeth in pictures favouring the ‘duckface’- anything to detract attention from my sweetcorn resembling teeth! 

Teeth whitening laser treatments gained notoriety but I feared the lasting damage that such treatments may cause, and the hefty price tag. I had almost accepted that my teeth were never going to be the pearly whites I had always desired. 

Then I heard a friend talking about teeth whitening strips. I thought that there was no way her perfect, gleaming teeth could be attributed to such a product, but decided that there was no harm in ordering some strips from amazon. 

The results were amazing!! After just a few treatments my teeth were exactly the teeth I had always dreamed of having! Suddenly a new smile was born! Family and friends- especially my mum- commented on how amazing my teeth looked! 

The duckface was gone!

I am currently using ‘crystal smile’ which cost Ā£12.99 for a 30 pack on amazon. My dentist has confirmed that they are 100% safe to use! I have in the past used ‘Crest’ strips, but they are more costly and seem to make my teeth sensitive a few hours after treatment. 


I hope that you enjoyed this post and I encourage everyone to try this product if you are unhappy with the colour or your teeth!

Paulzie šŸ’–